Andrea Durán

Clinical and Health Psychology

Contributing to improve the quality of life of hundreds of people around the world through online psychology therapy

Specializing In:

Bereavement & Attachment
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
Healthy Decision Making
Decision Making
Self Esteem
Self Esteem
Social Skills
Social Skills
Stress and Anxiety
Stress & Anxiety

What I Do

Improve the quality of life of hundreds of people around the world through professionalism and confidentiality.

Using psycho-education and the appropriate psychological techniques.

Recognized as a trusted, respectable, professional, and successful mental health professional.


Normalize online psychology therapy around the world


Maintain a safe space of trust and reflection


Promote positivism, values ​​and a good quality of life

My Values

Responsibility, trust, respect, excellence and empathy


My Services

Online individual, family and group psychological therapy. Workshops and talks adapted to various topics according to needs and objectives


Hello! My name is Andrea Durán, I was born in Barquisimeto, a beautiful city in Venezuela. In my country I graduated as a Bachelor of Psychology during 2016 at the University Yacambú located in the Lara state. During 2020 I completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at the Institute Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) located in the Dominican Republic. Further, I constantly take courses, diplomas and talks on various topics that keep me up-to-date, such as: self-esteem, stress and anxiety, eating psychology, life project, among others. Likewise, I have  been trained in management, productivity and customer service in order to guarantee an appropriate and efficient service.

The creation of this website has arisen from the intention of reaching many people around the world who feel the need for a change in their thoughts and their environment, improve some area of their lives and believe in themselves. So if you’ve made it this far I welcome you and I want you to know that when you start your therapeutic process you are betting for you to build the life you want to live; I am willing to accompany you and that together let’s achieve your goals.


Benefits Of Online Psychotherapy

Flexible schedule. Savings in mobility and transportation. Discreet and Confidential. Without geographical limits. Same effectiveness as face-to-face psychotherapy. Use of digital resources.

Get In Touch

Men, Women, LGBTIQ Community.
18 years and older. Spanish-speaking adult audience located in any country in the world.

What can I help you with?

Need Advice?

Give yourself the opportunity to have peace and mental health, to form positive interpersonal relationships, and no longer procrastinate to take action on your projects and achieve your goals. I am here to help you and accompany you. I do not assure you that the road is easy but it is possible.

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